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~ Friday, November 5 ~

Anonymous said: So awhile back in September I found out my boyfriend liked another girl who was my best friend in March while he liked me and I found that out by looking at his facebook while i was about to just write a cute status, but I saw he had message from this girl where he was telling this girl a story about how he liked my best friend. We worked things all out and he promised it would never happen again so I believed him, but I don't need advice about that though. So since then I haven't really trusted him and I always thinks he flirts with girls and likes them. So last Friday I went on his facebook (this is the first time I have since September) to see his messages. I saw a message where he was talking to this one girl. I was interested so i looked at all their messages and they were majorly flirting, but the things that bothered me the most was when he said he doesnt care when I'm mad, thinks I'm obsessive, gave her his phone number, was going to hang out with her at her house and go to a movie together, told her where he lived and told her to get a job where he works, and he even told her he was questioning our relationship and was conserding breaking up with me. I got really upset and started swearing at him over msn. Then I broke up with him and said that our relationship was a huge mistake. He called me over 30 times trying to get me to anwser my phone and I finally anwsered it and he said he would come over to my house at that moment ( it was 3 am) to try to fight for me back. He said he didnt have any feelings for her, he just likes the attention. He kept saying he loved me and wouldn't know what he would do without me. So I decided to give him one last chance. I cant stop thinking about what he did and it makes me cry whenever I think about it. Like today one of his friends talked to me and I told him what happened and I just started crying and he hugged me. He told me guys can just act that way, but give it time and things will get better. The thing that hurt me most is why would he say he would he would consider breaking up with me if he loves me? It also hurt because he broke another promise. Also if we broke up for good it would be awkward because we share a locker at school and the girl I was supposed to be with hates me now because of my boyfriend. So I would have no one to share a locker with. Please tell me what I should do. I'm so confused.

Hm. I’m not entirely sure here. It definitely wasn’t right for him to be doing that what so ever. If he’s in a relationship, he should not be flirting around acting like he is single, that’s just wrong. And also, I know you were curious, but you shouldn’t have been reading through his messages :/ even if he was in the wrong, that makes you a little guilty too. Anyways that doesn’t even matter. I think your boyfriend did just like the attention he was getting. It probably boosted his confidence. But I think he still does love you despite that. Love and flirting is different. He may just be a huge flirt. And if so you need to talk to him and tell him that if he’s going to be like that then it won’t work between you two. I don’t understand why he’d question your relationship when he was talking to that girl. I guess to make it seem as if it was okay for her to flirt back and all. Which is still wrong. You should be completely honest with him and tell him what you’re feeling.
Best of love girlie!
Love Amanda 


Anonymous said: How can I stop getting so jealous over girls my boyfriend talks to?

Jealousy is a hard thing to get over. It’s something I myself struggle with. But you need to realize that at the end of the day, your boy friend chose you. You’ll always be more important to him than the other girls he talks to. he talks to them in a friendly manner, but to you in a romantic manner. He’ll always come back to you, because you’re the one that matters to him :)
Love Always Amanda 

~ Friday, October 22 ~

Anonymous said: hey! sooooo my question isn't about lvoe or boyfriends. it's about friendship.
so me and my group of friends have been the best, the closest friends throughout our 4 years of high school. school started late august, and things have been really bad for all of us... it seems like we're all losing touch with each other and we're all drifiting away from each other. however, i don't understand why, becuase we've gone through so much together for 4 years. i don't understand why things have to be falling apart now. and even worse, i am the only person who everyone in the group still feels a prtty good connection to, so its expected of me to rally everyone and bring everyone back together. i think they've been really disappointed with me so far becuase i've had to cancel on plans that everyone made (thus causing everyone else to cancel, cuz like i said, i pretty much link everyone to each other now). i don't know what to do. my closest and best guy friend told me he's going to be hanging out with another group of friends now, and a lot of my other friends are drifiting to other people. i really don't know what to do. i've pretty much talked about my worries to everyone related to the situation, and they've all agreed but they don't know what to do either. i feel like i should step in and do something to preserve our friendships, but i dont' know what! what do i do?! my heart is just plummeting to my toes right now, i'm so upset and frustrated. :/

This has happened to me before too. It’s a sucky feeling because you want to be able to keep the friendship because of course these people mean a lot to you. Even if you guys didn’t have a falling out, sometimes people just drift, and it’s not like there was an argument, people just go there separate ways. It’s abled to be fixed if everyone is willing to put into the effort. Since you already talked to everyone and they feel the same way, then you all should make it a priority to hangout together. Maybe if everyones really busy, have a particular date (twice a month?) to hang out. That way people can plan around those dates and everyone is expected to show up so you guys can all be together. Know what I mean? But if they don’t follow through there isn’t much you can do since you already addressed the problem and now they’re aware of it. Write back if you need more help, best of luck :/
Love Always Amanda 

~ Thursday, October 14 ~

edgeofdecember said: I met this boy in the beginning of September. We bonded quickly and we were sort of together. We kissed and had an amazing few days together. Then he talked to me about us, and I knew he was being honest. His family was going through a lot and he told me he could not do a relationship yet, saying he still really liked me and that we would see what happened in time. I was calm and cool about it and went on my merry way. Then it all fell apart when he became immature and hurt me. I confronted him, he apologized, people gave him a hard time about it for a long time, then I reached the point where I forgave him. Since then, he has cried and shaken in front of me, telling me that he was so sorry and he made a stupid mistake. He said I was a spectacular person and was so glad he met me and he was so grateful for all I did for him and the amount of forgiveness I've shown. He has taken care of me when I'm sad and stressed. Every time he sees me, he makes a point of hugging me. Despite everything that has happened, he keeps me as a part of his life. He will sometimes call me "love" or "sexy." But then, he will talk about other girls. We did homework together once, and I was pointing to the words in my book and he put his hand on my pointing hand. Later on he tried the whole, "see if my hand is cold thing" when he grabbed my hand and then touched my face to show me how cold his hand was. I do not know if he still has romantic feelings for me or what I should do. Any ideas?im. Since then, he has cried and shaken in front of me, telling me that he was so sorry and he made a stupid mistake. He said I was a spectacular person and was so glad he met me and he was so grateful for all I did for him and the amount of forgiveness I've shown. He has taken care of me when I'm sad and stressed. Every time he sees me, he makes a point of hugging me. Despite everything that has happened, he keeps me as a part of his life. He has started calling me "love." I do not know if he still has romantic feelings for me or what I should do.

It seems that he does still have feelings for you. But I’m not entirely sure. be up front and just ask him what his deal is. You don’t want to be apart of his games and end up hurt again. Just tell him how you feel, how you’re interpreting his actions, and if that’s what he really means by them. Best of luck!
Love Always Amanda 

~ Monday, October 11 ~

Anonymous said: So he asked me out.I said yes.He says IDK.
After that everything changed.
he stopped talking to me.
we talked but not as much as we used to.
he let everything die out.
And now this year i hear he still likes me.
and It hurts because he had so many chances to ask me out and he never did.
he just let his ego push me away.
I hate this.

Aw :/ so he asked you out, why did he said I don’t know?
You should tell him how you’re feeling then! 


Anonymous said: I've been with my boyfriend for about a month and some change. Our relationship is great. He's an amazing guy (or seems to be thus far lol) I know he likes me a lot and I feel the same way. There are times however, that I think about my ex. Nothing too strong. Definitely not strong enough for me to want to break up with my current boyfriend if he ever came back around but I want to know if there's a reason for this or if there's a way I can stop it from happening. I don't understand why it's happening. My ex and I broke up in March and it was a very messy break up filled with animosity on both parties.

That’s completely normal. You’ll never lose those feelings toward your ex. He’ll always have a place in your heart, even when a new boy comes into your life. You can like your ex still and love your new guy. It’s just our confusing heart and head contradicting themselves. You can’t really ignore those feelings, but try to keep them to yourself so you don’t discourage and make your new guy jealous. But don’t worry, that’s 100% normal :)
Love Always Amanda 

~ Saturday, October 9 ~

Anonymous said: hey! so my boyfriend had a nightmare last night of me cheating on him (even though he knows that i wouldn't do such a thing) and he admits that its affected him. i don't know what to do! he's been really quiet all day, and i talked to him about it but he says that the nightmare is lingering at the back of his head and he doesn't know if he'll ever forget it. i've reminded him over and over again that i love him and that i would do no such thing and he knows it, but he says that he can't help but think about the horrible nightmare. is there anything i can do? this is such an odd situation since i really don't have anything to do with it, but i feel like his dreams are attacking him )=

Oh this is really odd. It’s not like it was real or that you actually cheated on him. I really don’t think he should keep lingering on something that didn’t even happen. If he has that feeling that you’re going to cheat and that he can’t trust you, why is he dating you? That’s not fair in anyway for you. Maybe you should bring that up to him. Ask him why he can’t believe you or trust. And if he says because of the dream. You need to tell him that that is a pathetic excuse because it didn’t even happen! (Sorry if that didn’t really make sense) Good luck!
Love Amanda 

~ Thursday, October 7 ~

thisiswar--deactivated20101114- said: any tips to get over a boy?
kthanks C:

Well, I’m currently doing this now, it is definitely easier said than done.
I guess, stop talking to him is the first thing to do. You don’t want him constantly coming in and out of your life. Then get rid of anything that reminds you of him. Don’t talk about him to your friends, that’ll only make you miss him. Then lastly, try and open your mind to other guys! It’s really hard to just get over a guy. Pretty much impossible to ever forget the feelings you have for him, and definitely impossible to forget him. It takes time, hang in there
Love Amanda 

~ Saturday, October 2 ~

Anonymous said: Soo; me and this kid had a thing, we broke up still talked everyday, then dated on and off for 9 months. then broke up again and then had an whole ordeal with his ex/girlfriend. She won't let him talk to me.
buuut we still do and he keeps telling me we should fix stuff and maybe try again someday, and lately he has me blocked, and like the second i get used to it, he unblocks me and then we talk everyday. He just recently blocked me again, but the thing is he told me he'd be there for me "no matter what" but he just keep coming in and out of my life, and it's because of his ex/girlfriend. idfk what they are.
I don't know what to do.
Not talk to him when he trys talking to me again (because i know he will, it's just a matter of time) or talk to him again, because it's clearly obvi. to everyone that i'm not over him, but i know i should be. Idk! :/

I know it’s hard when you know in your head you should be over somebody, yet you still have feelings for them, trust me, I’m going through that right now. And no matter what, even what I tell you and what your friends tell you, you know in your head you still like him, even if liking him isn’t what’s best for you. Because it’s what you feel, and you have no control over your feelings. But to me, this boy seems like he likes you too and that’s why he keeps coming back. It’s not fair for him to shut you out and then come back into your life. To be honest, mixed signals suck. So I would try and forget this guy :/ Especially if he has some controlling ex
Love Amanda 


Anonymous said: It's me again, the girl with the boy #1/boy #2 ordeal. When I say hooked up, I mean just made-out.

Okay good. Well then in that case, you really should go with your heart. But if you continue to go out with boy one, try and tell people, maybe you’ll feel more comfortable that way! And if you really don’t want to go out with boy one and you’d prefer boy two, then don’t stay with boy one just because you feel you need to since you lost your virginity to him. Do what’s best for you!
Love Always Amanda